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Tech Minority Report

Nov 5, 2018

On this special election edition, H. gives his predictions for tomorrow's midterms and how they will influence the landscape going forward.  H. also reviews the latest transactions in tech.  This week's guests are Xavier and Jamar from PromoDrone, a startup that uses drones to deliver the latest...

Sep 27, 2018

H. gives us the download on recent San Diego demo day that Arlan Hamilton hosted and also talks more about her historic feature on the cover of Fast Company.  H. also talks more about the role of Tech in diversity and the latest twists and turns in Washinton.

Aug 30, 2018

H discusses a new diversity fund from Andreessen Horowitz and the changes in leadership at the American Medical Association.  This week's guest is Marc Barron, the Chief Product Officer at Course Key and SoCal serial entrepreneur. 



Jul 31, 2018

Wongi joins H to try and make sense of whats going on at Papa John's and the New Voice Fund from Rich Dennis.  This week, TMR welcomes back Alex Hernandez whose augmented reality startup Stargaze is growing fast. 



Jun 29, 2018

H discusses the new initiative from Goldman Sachs to invest $500m in led, founded or owned by women.  Goldman will also help clients provide seed capital for women starting their own funds.  He also takes a look at PlayVS, the latest venture funded eSports company.  This week's guest is master story teller and Chief...